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The AC1 is my first full size prototype of a corona wind loudspeaker.  Rather than a physical diaphragm the AC1 uses many high voltage points to act on the air directly. 

It is a sound reproduction device based on radically different technology, not just another cone-in-a-box loudspeaker.  There are no cones or diaphragm.  In fact there are no moving or vibrating parts at all.

The black cloth hides the thousands of sharp points and prevents the ozone gas escaping.  The kit on the left is a 30kV 1.5kW power supply, controller and high voltage audio amplifier.

It's lethal, noisy, doesn't go loud, produces toxic gases and wastes loads of power.  But it does work, sound is produced at a listenable level with full frequency range.  But this will remain a curiosty.