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Latest Developments 

 28-12-12 now updated with the plasma project information.
 20-12-11 Development has been slow due to other concerns, just need to sort the electrodes out
 08-08-10 A pre production prototype is now complete.
 15-01-10 Wot no developments? Actually a lot of things have been moving on - shall report soon.
 26-03-07 Patent granted! See GB2367912 - Corona Discharge Loudspeaker, just got to build it now.
 09-02-07 Another long pause, but work is continuing. How long has this patent taken? Nearly 3 1/2 years, but almost there. The large problems with the speaker have not gone away, so I am making it all smaller.
 13-04-06 Okay so the update frequency isn't too good. Things still moving though, patent 1 nearly there and trying to get over a couple of large problems with the speaker.
 05-08-05 Oops, no updates for ages. Been very busy on the latest developments as well as moving location to better premises. Mainly concentrating on the electronics side as the plasma physics side is largley sorted.
 24-09-04 Now into final build stage for latest prototype.
 07-07-04 Still going, new electrodes being machined.
 29-03-04 Sorry no updates for a while. There is a new plasma speaker waiting in the wings.
 10-12-03 Further work on even more special needles = more expensive needles!
 05-10-03 Working on plasmas now, awaiting special needles.
 06-08-03 New direction due to budget constraints. Sounds better too.
 25-07-03 Amp nicely blown, and fixed - must be more careful next time.
 01-07-03 Patent Application is in.
 01-07-03 Improved amplifier now giving better linearity and frequency response.
 01-07-03 Mini dehumidifier installed!
 11-04-03 Hooray! Power supply fixed, working beautifully, lots of testing to do.
 04-03-03 Still going, patent application under way, design getting sorted.
 04-12-02 Now free to focus on Audio Chambers.
 14-11-02 Blew up HT PSU, not the first time!

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