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This is where the most recent additions to the web site are announced. If you've visited before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

 30-12-11    -    A complete rewrite using xsitepro.  Lost a bit of it's old charm, but a bit more net 2.0.
 09-03-07    -    A little refresh of most pages
 13-04-06    -    Server upgraded a bit, new bandwidth expected soon to help too.
 05-08-05    -    Website moved to new server, more improvements to come...
 01-10-04    -    Added a history page in a thinly disguised attempt to get hits!
 07-07-04    -    Cleaned up front page, added more links.
 13-04-04    -    Moved website to a new location
 05-10-03    -    Moved a few pages about a bit.
 22-08-03    -    Looks like the sites up again after prolonged outage, everything should be working again.
 16-07-03    -    Simplified the site look, added a few thumbs.
 11-07-03    -    Moved website to dedicated server for domain
 15-06-03    -    Added a webcam page, not sure if it will be used but have a look and see!
 07-05-03    -    A bit of a tidy up
 09-04-03    -    New domain provider used to improve control and hopefully hits ( - turns out they are crap!
 04-04-03    -    New site for fun -
 03-04-03    -    Refreshed site (again), added projects and links page
 25-03-03    -    Nice new bubble format for site
 05-08-02    -    Updated site with technical data sheets